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hellloooo, i'm not a terribly picky person but i suppose it's important to list things i do like a lot and things that i'm not comfortable with. i'm so excited for your gift to me and i hope i'm an okay recipient to have been assigned

yay: mutual pining, unrequited, gen (i guess in baseball land i'm truly happy with my boys acting much the same as they do in canon: baseball first and everything else second), emotional lemons (more heart wrenching than nsfw)
nay: noncon/dubcon, haruichi as a plot device, love triangles, angst w/o a happy ending, PWPs (i just don't think it's appropriate for an exchange tbh, i'm sorry), 
alt universes are okay! i like vague worlds with minimal context and lots of feelings. cyberpunk AU, space pirates, ocean pirates (lol), historical AU, hanahaki, folklore/mythology, heist/thief/criminal AU

i'm so excited for your piece! thank you and good luck! ♥ 

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everything except for BR0. Serves as a blanket permission for remixes. 

BR1: Memory

chihaya/shinobu (chihayafuru) T

miyuki/sawamura (daiya) E

BR3: Gift Tags

miyuki/sawamura (daiya) T

BR4: Quotes

miyuki/furuya (daiya) T 

kuramochi/ryousuke (daiya) T 

furuya/sawamura (daiya) T 

BR5: Myth and Lore 

(daiya) E

kuramochi/ryousuke (daiya) T

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hellooo!! this is my first time through saso so forgive me bc i probably know nothing except i saw friends talk about/do this and it looks like a good idea. daiya consumed me wholly and has yet to release me so i apologize but that is essentially the only work i have to show for a fandom. as a result, this year i'm in the misawa team, so forgive our obnoxious enthusiasm in advance. 

nee-saan on basically every platform including twit, ao3 and tumblr. 

i'm a grown up dying in that mid twenties spectrum. i don't care to talk abt notps, so what's listed is what i love. anything not listed is probably just 'eh' to me anyway, orz.

i am really only active in daiya fandom at the moment; i'm dying to get warmed up on chihayafuru and can probably be piqued pretty easily ^^ haikyuu is a harder sell, but i love bokuaka and oikage. love live is basically a giant sleepover/cuddle session to me, but it's worth a shot :3

if i have any talents, it's vague and flowery one shots with open endings. i'm serious. 

anyway, if for whatever reason you're trying to bait me in BRs, here ya go



*top/bottom rules as far as smut goes don't really matter to me, but i tend to lean towards the sawamiyu side of things on the msw spectrum. i'm sorry, myk is a catcher thru and thru and i don't care for popular tropes applied towards seme miyuki. it's made me very >.> wary. 
*i can write gen material for all the above except for probably kuraryou; somehow i always want them making out so
*i probably won't write you ot3 porn, i haven't even figured out how to do it for myself yet 
*you can definitely get smut out of me for the bolded
*i'm fairly confident in my canonverse

love live
-honoka x anyone basically 

*no porn
*if you pick a honoka ship it will probably be gen! i just feel as if our girl has such a special connection with each muse member; i love exploring the bonds she's made with these girls.


*porn it up. 
*no love triangles in my ot3 pls. i don't have a thing against 'em, i just don't like them in this ship. 
*slams fist on table, SHINOBU AND CHIHAYA


-probably oikage
-if it hurts the right way, iwaoi

*i don't hq a lot but for bokuaka i burn. 

this is about all i got for now! 

a couple of notes
•age differences don't bother me a lot, but i'm not huge on superior/inferior relationships, so it washes out coach/student, teacher/student, captain/subordinate themes. you can try me, but it's rare tbh. 
•that being said, age differences are good as long as they are of legal consenting age
•pass on incest
•pass on noncon, mostly pass on dubcon (i was enthralled as soon as i found out what ntr was, it's too filthy and angsty for me to ignore)
•pass on furries (TBH i wish i could art bc furry art? yeS ALL THE TIME but it's not put down on paper as well sorry)
•my love triangle stance is picky; center of triangle needs to take responsibility for falling in love with two people. person a did not do something terribly bad that conveniently made is so center is no longer interested in person a, leaving person b with center all to himself. no. no no no NO. center owns up for their feelings, makes the most devastating choice of their life, and chooses person a or b while hurting other prospective at the same time. that's how it works in real life. i think. 

all of the above is honestly a giant maybe; your best bet is daiya or chihayafuru.


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